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what is our society about?

Gliding is a sport like no other; harnessing the natural power of the sun, pilots seek out rising air to sustain their flight for long periods of time. This energy source typically takes the form of thermals, columns of rising air travelling from the ground to typical heights of 5,000ft. Other sources of lift also exist, allowing the intrepid explorer to reach heights of over 50,000ft! Don't be fooled into thinking that gliding is slow and leisurely, revolving around height gain. 

Once a pilot has gained height, they can turn it directly into speed. High-performance gliders allow airspeeds of more than 200mph, and many pilots compete in cross-country racing. As a member of the Gliding Society, we can offer you the chance to gain a solo flying qualification and then a complete Light Aircraft or Sailplane Pilots Licence, if you choose. 

In addition to the flying activities, we also organise social events, such as barbecues, movie nights, and themed socials on Wednesdays, prior to the O2’s Let’s Disko events, where you can meet people with similar interests. Overall, we offer a unique and rewarding experience for students who are interested in aviation and adventure sports. We provide a supportive and welcoming environment for all students to learn and grow, and it can be a great way to make lasting connections and memories during your time at Leicester!

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