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Meet the committee

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Rapha moulle



A long lost relative of the Neanderthals, rapha "Julien Phillips Marie" moulle loves flying. A good friend of Tom Cruise, Marie has a rich aviation history, leading him to embark on the journey of founding the gliding society. Like the French fighter aircraft, rapha comes really fast. Showing all the signs of an authoritarian dictator(mainly when it Comes to choosing pints and food), he brings his professional gimpness to lead us to higher places.

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Dimitris Chatzistefanou


3rd YEAR mechanical ENGINEER

When the need arose for a person to make sure cash flows smoothly in and out of the bank of the world's most prestigious society, the attention was turned to the country with the most thriving economy in the world, Greece. Once the parameters were set, DImitris, a boy with a not questionable at all legal background, stepped up to take on the task of laundering income. while also enjoying the adrenaline-induced sport of gliding.

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Kareem Yassin

Press and Publicity


Legend has it that on his first flight, NASA misidentified Kareem as a nuclear bomb due to his academic weaponess .
Kareem developed a taste for anime cap cuts which taught him the essential skill of making and advertising gliding edits. He hopes to bring his skills developed as an absolute Weapon to put the press into "press and publicity secretary."

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Jacob Bowers

Sport & Social Secretary


Jacob, better known as gimpus maximus, is often spotted at the local watering hole that, is new road inn, sinking pints quicker than the Titanic. An avid cosplay lover, Jacob likes to dress up as a glider in bed, especially after all his attempts failed to land on the correct target at Wednesday’s letsdisko. He hopes to bring his expertise on banging pres and not remembering nights out to the society.

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Sam Jarvis



Born mid-flight, legend has it that he could fly before walking. Sam has a mane which would make Arabian stallions jealous, and his trademark mullet is rumoured to be one of the 28 approved haircuts in North Korea. Sam left life in glamorous Birmingham to bring his friendly but sometimes questionable interpersonal skills to the good of UoL Gliding Soc. Occasionally stepping in to make high fuelled decisions for the UK secretary of defence, Sam honed his administrative skills, which he now uses on trivial and monotonous matters such as 'risk assessments' and 'safety briefs'.

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