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This is the governing body that trains the instructors and provides and the training syllabus that you will need learn.

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‘Laws and Rules’ details BGA requirements and guidance, which will keep you safe during flight

Laws and rules

For any interest regarding the gliding centre, visit their page below:


Risk Assessment

This TGC Club Safety Management System (TGC SMS) Manual is based on and adopts the British Gliding Association (BGA) policy and guidance on the safety of gliding operations. It does not provide a means of compliance with occupational health and safety or environmental legislation. The TGC SMS is aligned with the current BGA Safety Management System as defined in Section 1 above.

Gliding at TGC is regulated by the UK Air Navigation Order and applicable EASA regulations, and is managed in accordance with the BGA operational regulations and guidance material.  

The overall accountability for implementing the TGC SMS rests with the TGC Chairman and the Club Committee. Specific responsibilities are defined within the TGC SMS. 

Proposed amendments may be initiated by anyone and must be submitted to the Club Safety Officer, who is responsible for reviewing it, gaining CFI and Club Committee approval of any amendment and subsequent revision of the TGC SMS manual. 

The TGC SMS Manual will be reviewed annually by the TGC Safety Committee, and republished each February.

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