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The Alexander Schliecher K13 is one of the most common training gliders in the world used by many as their starter due too its average wing span and gliding ratio 

wing span: 16m

glide ratio: 28:1

As our society has just started, we do not own any gliders. However, the gliding centre lets us use theirs, including:



The Alexander Schliecher K21 is a modern composite two-seat training glider. It can be used for basic instruction as well as cross-country training and basic aerobatics.

wing span: 17m

max glide ratio: 32:1


SZD 51-1 Junior

he SZD 51-1 Junior is a glass single-seat glider designed with early solo pilots in mind. It's the ideal glider for cross country, aerobatics practice with it been capable of performing loops. spins and chandelles. Stratford’s SZD Junior is equipped with a Colibri logger for early badge achievements and a Borgelt standalone electric variometer.

wing span: 15m

max glide ratio: 35:1


Astir CS77

The Astir is the next step up from the SZD 51-1 Junior and offers retractable undercarriage, a water ballast system and significantly greater performance. A very spacious cockpit combined with docile handling and powerful airbrakes make the Astir a pleasure to fly. Stratford’s Astir is equipped with a Borgelt B50 variometer with averager and a Garmin GPSII/III mount.

wing span: 15m

Max glide ratio: 37:1



The standard class LS4 offers very high performance combined with good mannered handling in a competition-capable aircraft design. The LS4 which has a retractable undercarriage and water ballast system is capable of a peak-L/D of 40.5:1.

Stratford’s LS4 is equipped with an LXNAV V-7 vario/glide computer coupled with FLARM and can be equipped with a PDA running XCSoar.

wing span: 15m

Max glide ratio: 40.5:1

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